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Skin cytology for general practice

Skin cytology course (VETcpd)

8th – 28th March 2021

This comprehensive course will give you the basics you need for in house cytology from sampling techniques, to slide examination approach, culminating in the cytological presentation of the most common inflammatory and neoplastic conditions affecting small animals. Cytology case challenges and diagnostic algorithms will also be provided to help you understand the concepts presented and to consolidate your knowledge.


  • Module 1: Sampling techniques, slide staining and submission of cytological samples to external laboratories
  • Module 2: Approach to slide examination and how to write a cytological report
  • Module 3: Inflammatory skin lesions and response to tissue injury
  • Module 4: Round cell tumours (skin and subcutis)
  • Module 5: Epithelial tumours (skin and subcutis)
  • Module 6: Mesenchymal tumours (skin and subcutis)
  • Module 7: Ear cytology
  • Module 8: Cytology cases
  • Module 9: Digital cytology cases NEW
  • Module 10: Final MCQ exam to gain your CPD certificate