I am available to travel to your location to speak or if you prefer, I can provide remote conferences / webinars. I regularly speak to veterinary professionals across Europe and Asia about topics in veterinary cytology and haematology and I am always keen to liaise with new people and organisations that are passionate about cytology, and clinical pathology in general. Potential topics are included below.



  • Principles of diagnostic cytology of the dog and the cat
  • Cytology of the skin and subcutis – dogs and cats
  • Cytology of cavitary effusions – dogs and cats
  • Cytology of lymph nodes and lymphoid organs – dogs and cats
  • Cytology of mediastinal masses – dogs and cats
  • Cytology of the urinary tract – dogs and cats
  • Diagnostic approach to canine and feline lymphoma
  • The use of flow cytometry in canine and feline lymphoma
  • Cytology of the respiratory tract – horses
  • Cytology of canine / feline mast cell tumours


  • Principles of blood smear examination
  • Diagnostic approach to anaemia – dogs and cats
  • Diagnostic approach to lympho- and myeloproliferative disorders – dogs and cats
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Please contact me for additional topics or inquiries.

UPCOMING Congresses

UNISVET, Haematology congress, Milan (ITA), January 2023

UNISVET, Annual congress, Milan (ITA), February 2023

ESAVS, Cytology and haematology practical, Berlin (GER), February 2023

IMPROVE International, Clinical Pathology, Osaka (JAP), Feb 2023

ESAVS, Haematology, (Online), Apr 2023

SCIVAC, Annual congress, Rimini (ITA), May 2023

ESVD/ECVD, Annual congress, Sweden (SWE), Sept 2023

Past events

  • ESAVS – Haematology, @nline, September 2022

  • UNISVET, Citologia dei fluidi e organi interni, Milano (Italy), April 2022 

  • ESAVS – Cytology 2, @nline , March 2022

  • UNISVET – Oncopathology Masterclass,  @nline , February 2022

  • UNISVET – Oncology Master, @nline January 2022

  • ESVCP/ECVCP @ congress, 13-16 October 2021
  • ESAVS – Cytology 1,  January 2021

  • Unisvet National Congress, online event, 25-28 February 2021

  • UNISVET – Corso di ematologia del cane e del gatto, Milan (Italy), 16-18 October 2020

  • Southern European Veterinary Conference, Barcelona (Spain), 5-7 November 2020

  • ESAVS - Asia - Dermatology Webinar Series, July - September 2020
  • Associação Brasileira de Patologia Veterinária - Jornada de Citopatologia, 10 - 11 August 2020
  • Invited speaker and organiser. Veterinary Clinical Pathology Workshop. UNISVET national congress, February 2020, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Cutaneous Tumors: don't let them get under your skin. ONCOlogisch Treffen, February 2020, Soesterberg, Netherlands.
  • Invited speaker and course organiser. Citologia 2.0. UNISVET congress, September-October 2019, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Beyond the red mist…blood cells! Demystifying blood smear examination + Lymph node cytology: What should be there and what should not! + Making cytology easier: the basics of skin cytology, VetCPD congress, September 2019, Bath, United Kingdom.
  • Invited speaker. Diagnostic approach to canine lymphoma + effusion: what a confusion! + Diagnostic approach to anaemia in dogs + Beyond the red mist: bloody cells! April 2019, E Vet Congress, Denmark.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of lymphoid system. UNISVET congress. 16-17 March 2019, Florence, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of BAL and Cytology of urine sediment. UNISVET national congress, February 2019, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker and course organiser. Principi interpretativi di base in citopatologia. UNISVET congress, September-October 2018, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of skin and subcutis in dogs and cats, cytology of lymphoid system, East and West China Veterinary Conference (WESAVC), April 2018, Kunming, China.
  • Veterinary practical session (cytology). BSAVA congress, 5-8 April 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of lymphoid system, Moscow Veterinary Congress (MVC), March 2018, Moscow, Russia.
  • Invited speaker. IBD versus lymphoma – the never-ending story. UNISVET national congress, February 2018, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Diagnostic approach to lymphoproliferative disorders in dogs and cats. 8th Alpe Adria Cytology Symposium, 30 September- 1 October, 2017, Grado, Italy
  • Course director and speaker. UNISVET course: Veterinary Haematology, 22-24 September 2017, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of the lower respiratory tract in horses. ESVCP/ECVCP congress, 6-9 September 2017, London, United Kingdom.
  • Invited speaker and organiser. Bone marrow course. UNISVET congress. 5-7 May 2017, Riva del Garda, Italy.
  • Veterinary practical session (cytology). BSAVA congress, 6-9 April 2017, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Invited speaker. Cytology of the abdominal cavitary effusions, cytology of liver and spleen. UNISVET national congress, February 2017, Milan, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. What is hiding there in the middle? Diagnostic approach to mediastinal masses in dogs and cats. ESVCP/ECVCP congress, 20-22 October 2016, Nantes, France.
  • Invited speaker. Corso base di citologia diagnostica. LABOKLIN, 2 October 2016, Naples, Italy.
  • Invited speaker. Equine Clinical Pathology course organized by Jockey Club of Turkey, 4-5 April 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Invited speaker. UNISVET congress “Cytology of the lymphoid system”, 18-20 October 2013, Milan, Italy
  • Invited speaker at the congress “Advanced course in Veterinary Clinical Pathology, Animal Hospital Postojna", 5-6 May 2012, Postojna, Slovenia.
  • Invited speaker. Principles of flow cytometry in veterinary medicine. Veterinary Biomedical and Pharma Sciences”, 15-16 October 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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